Kings FM Radio is on air 24 hours every day throughout the week. Geographically, the Radio reaches some densely populated areas of the Njombe region where more than 750,000 people live. The future plan is to extend the coverage to another four to five regions including Iringa, Mbeya, Ruvuma, Morogoro and Dodoma. It has transmmiter in Njombe Region.


Kings FM Mission & Vision

KINGS FM is a vital resource for building and sustaining community, standing ready to serve in times of emergency, airing locally relevant information and entertainment to listeners, creating a forum through which every voice can be heard. Our station offers training & development opportunities  and experience in radio production and broadcasting skills to members of staff.


Inclusion • We believe that the fabric of our community is stronger when all of its members have the opportunity to express their diverse interests, concerns, and points of view.

Empowerment • We believe in providing educational opportunities that enable community members to build new skills and gain valuable experience. We promote an exchange of ideas that enriches people's lives.

Mutual Support • We believe in fostering connections among the people of Tanzania especially Southern Highlands, in order to strengthen appreciation for the community and support among neighbors. Communication and local self-sufficiency during an emergency are important in a small, remote community.

Independence • We believe it is important that communities take responsibility for understanding the issues that affect them. Locally controlled media have the ability to provide viewpoints and information unavailable elsewhere.

Living in Place • We believe that the Tanzanian’s community benefits from ongoing dialogue about our region's environmental, economic, and social issues. Such dialogue develops our understanding of the place where we live and deepens our commitment to sustaining it.

Exchange • We believe that Tanzanian’s has much to teach and learn from other communities worldwide. We value the interplay of ideas among people seeking to live in harmony with each other and the Earth.

GOD is our PROVIDER - This is His mission. Everything comes from Him. His Word is completely trustworthy.
Together is BETTER - We work through partnerships based on integrity and trust.
We're here to SERVE - With joy and passion, excellence and innovation.
We love PEOPLE - Building and changing lives is our core business.

VISION: - image of the desired future state

Our vision for Kings FM Commercial Radio is

  • KINGS FM will be an important part of our richly diverse community. Our Board of Directors (listed below) reflects this diversity by its community representation.
  • We will ultimately serve all the communities of Tanzanian’s, while maintaining appropriate scale and thorough accountability to our local community.
  • Our member and listener base will continue to grow and represent a high percentage of people within our listening area.
  • KINGS FM will be considered a permanent part of the Southern Highlands community culture.
  • Our radio station will be known for its high-quality, relevant and vibrant programming.
  • Our organization will build a strong financial base with a fully supported staff.
  • We will be recognized as creators and distributors of high-quality radio programming.
  • We will offer a strong educational program, providing instruction and skill development in various aspects of radio broadcasting.
  • Our station will be linked to local schools, working with students and teachers to create innovative ways to enrich classroom curriculum with radio.
  • We will build and maintain a library and archive of the voices of Tanzanian’s, available to all as a reliable community resource.
  • KINGS FM will develop working partnerships with non-profit organizations in Tanzania, using radio as a vehicle for enhancing their work.
  • KINGS FM will serve as a model for and will openly share information with other radio stations.

1.    Language – Kiswahili & English (Bilingual).
2.    Open - 24 hours.
3.    Programming – Kiswahili.
4.    Broadcast BBC Swahili news (Amka Na BBC) at 06:00hrs
5.    Affordable Rates.
6.    Flexible.
7.    Low production cost.
8.    Sponsored programmes available.
9.    Peak listenership during News times.
10.    Enables specific targeting of Njombe region.

Popular Programs

Latest local news & highlights from the Southern Highlands
Hang on it with Fire Beatz Show
National / International Sports News
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P.O.Box 1086, Chaungingi ST, Njombe, Tanzania.
Telephone: (+255) 026-2782454
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